Proposal Discussion

What do you need to consider when writing your Assignment Proposal?
Your chosen subject/theme – eg mine is portraiture.
Who your audience is
Such as, setting yourself attainable targets.
My theme is on body modification
SMART targets
Project Managing
Stages of managing a project –
initial sketches
research similar artists
research the industry
Consider competition
try out their methods/techniques
The clients important.
The client
so you can cater to what they want
and their audience
their brand
The illustrator – does the brief fit in with your style of illustration and your skill level
Customer if the brief is for a product being sold. They are the ones buying the product
Your future clients also see your present work.
Know your market

|| Artist Research – Daniel López Muñoz ||

Daniel López Muñoz worked on the concept art for Ice Age 2; the image below shows one of his creations for the movie, the drawing style is similar to that of the previous artist mentioned, Chris Sasaki, in terms of the full size artwork, the sketchy style where you can still see the different strokes of the pencil or the brush marks. IA21.0.jpg

Below you can also see another style that Daniel works in and its a different type of concept art, that is more technical and different to the art that actually sets the scene. This type of art breaks down different objects within the movie that they want to use and shows how they work, similar to technical car drawings. The movie he worked on was Robots (2005), the art shows the different components they will use to make up the individual buildings and smaller parts for certain machinery. The art style is similar here as it is in the full art piece above, however they appear more refined and neater because they are individual drawings as opposed to a full piece of art.


Below is another piece of concept art created by Daniel López Muñoz; this was for the movie Up and is similar to the Ice Age artwork above.


|| Artist Research – Chris Sasaki ||

CHRIS SASAKI is a character designer and illustrator living in Oakland, California. He works at Pixar Animation Studios and has designed characters for Monsters University (2013) and Inside Out (2015). Most recently, he production designed the original short film, Sanjay’s Super Team (2015). His past clients include LAIKA Entertainment, Blue Sky Studios, Disney Television Animation, DreamWorks, Red Cap Greeting Cards, and Jim Henson Studios. His work has been featured at Gallery Nucleus, on Cartoon Brew, New York Times, and in the Society of Illustrators yearly annual. He also occasionally teaches at the Animation Collaborative.

Sasaki, C. (no date) About + contact. Available at: (Accessed: 20 January 2016)


Sasaki, C. (no date) Film. Available at: (Accessed: 20 January 2016).

The concept artwork above is for two movies, the top two are ideas for character designs for Monsters University  (2013) and the bottom one is a design idea for a short film called Sanjay’s Super Team (2015). I like the style that he generally works in when creating his artwork; the sketchy, rough look to it, not only gives it an obvious concept art look – something that has been drawn up fairly quickly and not a lot of detail has bee added to it, rather solid areas of colour that make up detailed enough images that look complete enough to give detail information for the benefit of the people deciding which designs to pick.

|| Proposal 1st Draft – Final Major Project ||

For this project I would like to explore the concept art created for children’s movies. At this early stage of the project, I would also like to look at children’s book illustrations, which could go hand in hand with the concept art, as the art style I could use to create the concept art, can also be used to illustrate a children’s book. Although I am thinking about both of these pathways, I will concentrate more on the concept art more heavily than the children’s book art to begin with; the option to move to children’s book art is there as another idea to fall back on, should the concept art idea not work out.


“The main goal of concept art is to convey a visual representation of a design, idea, and/or mood for use in films, video games, animation, or comic books before it is put into the final product. In other words, it aims to convey the overall design vision rather than specify everything in exact terms right at the start.” (CreativeBloq)

Concept art can include anything from scene shot ideas to give an idea of the mood to detailed mechanical drawings showing how objects will work.


The first thing I will do to kickstart this project is to do in depth research into the existing concept art for children’s movies, as well as the artists behind the art created. Another beneficial piece of research would be to also look at the work created by the artists on different projects they have worked on, rather than just the concept art.

After doing the initial research I will go on to decide on a movie I would like to work on; I would work on the movie as if it is going to be released in the future as a new movie and I have been asked to work on the new concept art. Depending on the movie I choose to look at, the characters would already have been created so that means I will not have to create new characters, unless I choose to do so.

I will move on to looking at different techniques I can use to create the concept art; for example working traditionally with paint and pencils to working digitally on Photoshop and Illustrator. I will be presenting my work in a sketchbook, similarly to how conceptual artwork would be presented in certain cases, and printed pieces of larger artwork.