|| Artist Research – Marc Davis ||

Marc Fraser Davis was a prominent artist and animator for Walt Disney Studios. He was one of Disney’s Nine Old Men, the famed core animators of Walt Disney’s animation studio.

Some of the animated characters Davis mainly designed and animated are Thumper and Flower from Bambi (1942), Brer Rabbit from Song of the South (1946), the title character of Cinderella(1950), Alice of Alice in Wonderland (1951), Tinker Bell in Peter Pan(1953), Aurora and Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty (1959), and Cruella De Vil in 101 Dalmatians (1961).

Disney Wikia (2014) Marc Davis. Available at: http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Marc_Davis (Accessed: 27 January 2016).


The above images are the concept designs created by Marc Davis; these are for the character of Cruella de Vil. As they were just the concept drawings, they lack fine detail, that would have been added later on when they get closer to finalising the idea, I like how the art looks. The designs are rough and sketchy, as they should be, considering they are part of the earliest stages of the film, and the colours are very limited; there is no extra detail in the coat or her face, such as shading and depth, it is quite a flat drawing, but when creating concept art, the more important factor is to be able to pass across the idea that is trying to be formed.


Similar to the Cruella de Vil, above you ca see the illustrations he created for Cinderella, again in a style close to the other ones, the drawings, although small and very rough, portray enough information to let someone know exactly what is happening in it. The character designs for this, I’m not sure the purpose of these drawings, but it could be anything from basic character design to movement exploration; for example movement in her clothes or the items of cloth that are on screen.



The above is character design for the skunk, Flower, from Bambi, a look at the actual character and the different aspects of it, such as hand movements and close ups of the eyes, nose and tail movement. These are a lot quicker looking than the above three pieces of artwork, rough outlines and sketches to get initial ideas of the character out.


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