|| Artist Research – Daniel López Muñoz ||

Daniel López Muñoz worked on the concept art for Ice Age 2; the image below shows one of his creations for the movie, the drawing style is similar to that of the previous artist mentioned, Chris Sasaki, in terms of the full size artwork, the sketchy style where you can still see the different strokes of the pencil or the brush marks. IA21.0.jpg

Below you can also see another style that Daniel works in and its a different type of concept art, that is more technical and different to the art that actually sets the scene. This type of art breaks down different objects within the movie that they want to use and shows how they work, similar to technical car drawings. The movie he worked on was Robots (2005), the art shows the different components they will use to make up the individual buildings and smaller parts for certain machinery. The art style is similar here as it is in the full art piece above, however they appear more refined and neater because they are individual drawings as opposed to a full piece of art.


Below is another piece of concept art created by Daniel López Muñoz; this was for the movie Up and is similar to the Ice Age artwork above.



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