|| Peligroso Website Advert ||

Below is a screenshot of the adverts I created for a website, I took and existing website into Photoshop and cut out the adverts that were already there and proceeded to create my adverts.

One thing I knew I wanted to do when creating the web adverts was to have a black background and use the other bottle design that I didn’t have the chance to use for the magazine advert. One thing I found out when I was doing research into existing adverts that were the same shape as the ones on this website I have taken; was that these adverts are not usually covered in information, generally they only have a small amount of information to show the product that is being advertised, and the consumer would have to click-through to go to the actual website for more information.

I took that new information on board and created the adverts I did, I put the bottle in the vertical advert space and the name of the brand in the top horizontal space. I like how the Peligroso Tequila fits in the horizontal bar, the slight curve of the word ‘peligroso’ and how central it is, making it the most important thing on the page. I think by making the background black it stands out against the rest of the website, drawing your eyes to it.

At this point I only had the text along the top and the bottle on the side, it felt empty and needed something more to really pull everything together without adding too much and over powering the actual message of the product with effects and filters. Taking inspiration from the logo on the bottle and the word peligroso – meaning dangerous, I took a colour that generally relates to these words – the colour red. I took it on an extremely soft brush and dotted it behind the main objects on each advertising space. When dotting it behind the bottle, I didn’t worry about making it too harsh because it would be easily hidden by the bottle, however when putting the colour down behind the words, I had to think about the placement more as each harsh line accidentally created would be seen. I took the brush and dotted along the words to create a line and then went back again over the ends, to create a 3D effect, where the sides appear closer than the centre, that appears darker.

The colour then looked good but still missed something so I decided to add lens flares to give the illusion of a product that shines. I chose to place two lens flares on the words to really enhance the 3D effect that I started to create, and I think the addition of the lens flares really brings those points for ward pushing the centre back and giving it all a pulled together look. Then it was a little bit more difficult when it came to adding the lens flares around the bottle, because it could look to obviously placed or be completely hidden by the actual bottle. I decided to place three; one at the very top, one just by the neck of the bottle and one behind the very bottom of the bottle, so that there is just a bit of the lens flare illuminating the red colour at the bottom.

Peligroso Web Ad

Overall I am very happy with how these adverts turned out, although they didn’t take too long, they look quite professional, in my opinion, also put together and planned out. I think my choice of colour was a good one because it all relates back to the product, whether the consumer realises this or not.


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