|| Peligroso Magazine Advert ||

One task related to rebranding this tequila, was to also create adverts for the product. Below are the two designs that I came up with for the magazine ad. The first one was a developmental one, I took the logo of the pink Peligroso logo that I created previously, and took the glitch pattern background and used it to cover the page and create the effect it has. I then took the bottle with the same glitch logo, but felt as though there was too much of the same pattern going on, on the same page, causing it all to get a bit too noisy. So I decided to replace the bottle with the bottle with the snake logo instead. I like how this looks better than with the other logo, but was still missing something.

Peligroso advert

Looking at the existing adverts for this tequila online, I saw that not only on the adverts, but also on certain pages on the website, I noticed that there are words, in a rough font, behind the images. I decided to do the same to the magazine advert, as I felt like even with the tequila name and where it is made, it was lacking substantial information about the actual product. So I took information such as a tagline for their brand that I found on their website


The pursuit of adventure echoes in every soul.

and the fact that the tequila is made of 100% Agave. I took the font ‘High Voltage Rough’ off the website DaFont, and created the text, I put the 100% Agave font twice and layer the two at different sizes to create the layered, almost 3D effect. and then below put the quote; but I didn’t try and make the quote fit, I just let it sit behind the bottle and hang off the page for artistic effect.
Peligroso advertFINAL


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