|| Suerte Tequila with Print ||

Here I have put the lino print I created in the previous post onto a bottle of ‘Suerte’ Tequila, to see what it would look like as a properly packaged bottle, I decided to put the logo and design straight on the bottle because when buying alcohol only a few brands come in boxes and most have the labels with the logos and design aspects straight on the bottle.

The first one seen below is just the regular logo that I have simply pasted straight on to the bottle. I think this is alright to do because the name is still visible around the neck of the bottle, however the addition of the name and maybe the logo, if it were not redesigned to the pattern, could be put above the label and the important information could go on as well. After putting the standard pattern I created on the bottle, I decided it didn’t look ‘trippy’ enough for a tequila label; I then took to altering the label in Photoshop.

The second image is one created using the different filter on top of the original image, this inverted all the colours creating this outline of the pattern and highlighting all the flaws in the image; such as the shadows and the edges of tissue paper.

The third, fourth and fifth ones were achieved the same way, except the fourth and fifth ones were done by using the same filter as the third but multiple times. I do really like the effect that this has created as it suits the product the best out of all four experimental stages. The effect I used was the extrude filter. The effect caused this tunnel like appearance to the different sections of the image; seeming like everything is being pushed backwards. I used the same filter multiple times, and as I did so the image went further and further back cause the effect that can be seen in the fifth image. As much as I liked how these looked, I decided to stop here as these were quick designs done to see what kind of look I wanted to go for. I decided that to sell my product, I wanted to make the packaging for the tequila look as crazy as I could, this effect not only looks good but also has connotations of the effects of tequila etc.

Suerte 1Suerte 2Suerte 3Suerte 3..Suerte 3.


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