|| Peligroso Tequila (Glitch Try) ||

While I had chevrons and glitch creations in my head I decided to create the artwork below, using a standard chevron pattern and pasting it a lot of times, then changing a few of them to have the colours inverted and repeated the same pasting process to create this effect at random. I then took the three snake design and put it on top and made them overlay causing the red layers to seem like they are sitting above and the green layers to appear as though they are below the snakes. Peligroso6 1

I then took that pattern I created to actually making a proper circular logo, one that I did not actually have at this stage, only the different snake designs, seen in previous posts. I cropped around the snakes where I feel as though it fit best and then added another darker one in the very centre for emphasis. I then proceeded to try to add the brand name on top and on the clear bottle, the font is in black, I wanted to replicate this but the words would not be seen on this high contrast background. So instead I took a box around the name, cut out the letters and inverted the colours, so that on one hand the colours aren’t affecting how well the words can be read, but on the other hand keeping the glitch effect of the logo intact. Peligroso7 1

Below I done it using plain white text, and I am very happy with how this one turned out. I  think the words are easy to read and it looks like a professional logo – as long as it took me to get to it. I managed to get to a stage where I am happy with how it looks. However one question that I had on my mind was whether this looked too commercial or not? Like this is perfect to be put on clothing and hats, but would it suit the company if it was on the bottle like this? No matter what this is one of the better designs I have managed to create, in my opinion. Peligroso8


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