|| Peligroso Tequila Bottle Try-out ||

Due to my worries about what that logo would look like on the bottle, considering I would know it would be suitable enough for merchandise, I tested the logo out on an existing bottle of Peligroso tequila. As I was unable to get my hands on an actual bottle, I took to Photoshop and got rid of their embossed logo and information on the bottle, and pasted my glitch effect logo on top. I think it looks alright, but there is something not right about it; before, the original Peligroso logo is embossed on and has no hard edges and mine is a harsh edged circle, and pretty different to the original, however it could be argued that this is what the brand owuld be looking for, if they had hired me to recreate their logo and rebrand them completely.

peligroso bottle1

After looking at the one above for too long, I decided to try and put one of the other logos I created on here instead. I chose to try out my favourite one rather than the most professional looking one; and while it may seem a bit busy, and I do agree that it looks like there is too much going on for such a small space, I like that the edges are not constricted to a certain space, there is a general shape to the logo, but the snake heads break that shape and stick out from it.

peligroso bottle3

These two are definitely my favourite designs, but if I was to choose which one went on the actual bottle and was the art of the company, I would choose the glitch effect logo. Not only is it colourful and interesting, but it also has other possibilities other than just looking good on the bottle, so convenience-wise, it is the better fit.


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