|| Peligroso Tequila (1st Try) ||

As I researched tequila brands some more, I found one called Peligroso, meaning dangerous in Spanish, and felt like this name was one that I wanted to work with for the purpose of the product and effect I wanted to create with my design. Peligroso Tequila already had one snake as the design for their logo, so I decided to push it and see how far I could take the use of the snake.

Initially I was thinking of going with optical illusions as they mess with your eyes the same way tequila does after you’ve had too much of it, so I looked into some optical illusions and found that when you layer different sized circles one on top of another, they all appear to be moving. I took this information and make my own by creating chevrons, fairly messily as this was only a trail run. I then drew out some snake skeletons using black Indian ink and scanned those in then pasted them on top to create the basics of what I path I wanted to take.

The lines cutting through the middle of the are actually only guidelines that I used to create the sections for the chevrons but I like how they add another layer and effect to the overall appearance of the logo. But they may add a bit too much and make it all too busy?

Peligroso1 1

Here I tried putting the sakes on top but with a filter on top of them and it made the snakes look almost like as if they had a lot of detail added to them such as a snakeskin pattern, but really its just the opacity being so low that detail is lost and noise is added, what you can also see is the original snake skeletons are still there too but as an overlay layer and that is what is making the lines in the bodies of the other snakes. I think this one is my favourite of the lot as it has the most to look at out of all of them, thus making it the most interesting and the most relevant to the product.

Peligroso2 1

Below are a few more experiments I was doing using the same sort of mind frame as I was with the two above; changing filters, moving the snakes around, adding small details etc. The last one is definitely the trippiest as it has a combination of all the different effects I used along the way, and if this was just a stand alone piece, it works, but because it is to be used as a logo for a company, it is too busy and possibly not what many companies would be looking for, for their brand icon.

Peligroso3 idk 1

I like how basic this one is, without the lines it looks like a proper logo and rather than being too busy with 6 snakes I only used 3, but changed them so they were with the difference filter; I think it looks almost like a biohazard sign, another discovery during the journey of this bottles design development – 1. The chevrons are normally seen on warning signs or vehicles and 2. the biohazard sign is seen as a warning  for dangerous chemicals. All these connotations, as humorous as they are, relate back to tequila and the way tequila makes you feel. Peligroso4 1Peligroso5 1


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