|| Lino Prints ||

Using lino again to create some prints to use for one of the packages for a bottle of tequila. Rather than making lino prints of sugar skulls as that would be taking the easy route out;  I chose instead to look at the patterns that are seen on sugar skulls, patterns similar to that of paisley print. I took inspiration from different patterns online and created this small print below. I then took to using different coloured inks and printing on top of glued down sections of coloured tissue paper to create the effects that can be seen below.

After looking at the effect of the third print (blue ink) on the eyes, it seems to cause a disharmony because of the clashing colours being one on top of each other. While looking good on one hand, but on the other cause your eyes to go slightly funny at the pattern being on top of the fighting colours, I think that one will be the best choice for tequila packaging, as it causes your eyes to feel as intoxicated as they would when you have had too much tequila, bringing relevance from the packaging to the product, tying it together.



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