|| Tequila Packaging Research ||

Given the chose to look at either food, household or cosmetics item packaging; I chose to look at the packaging on bottles of tequila. To start this task I looked at existing tequila packaging and decided to draw ideas from Mexican influence such as tile and textile patterns. Below are examples of existing tequila bottles from which I could possibly draw inspiration from when designing my own. Each bottle design and packaging design has a specific meaning to the brand and the idea of tequila.

Patrón tequila has a very simplistic bottle design in terms of artwork and the shape of the bottle, however the logo of the bee is effective. Patrón tequila is made from the Weber blue agave from Jalisco, Mexico; a plant known for how attracted bees are to it. The use of the bee is clever not only as it represents the story of the plant used to make the drink, but also tells a consumer who knows nothing about tequila where it comes from. 

KAH Tequila is a brand that is one that has a very stand out bottle from the shelf, amongst other tequilas. The bright colours and patterns used on the bottle to make them look like the Mexican Day of the Dead sugar skulls. “Designed to pay reverence and honor to Mexico and its people.” The word KAH translates to “life” in the ancient Mayan language. Every bottle is hand-painted and individual, so no two bottles are completely identical.

The brand above is Rudo Tequila, with a sister brand of Tecnico Tequila. This is another drink with an interesting shaped bottle; the face of the brand are the two wrestlers Rudo and Tecnico; both have the same shaped bottle however. The lid is carved wood, with a luchador mask; I would assume that it was coloured then carved into. The neck of the bottle looks almost like a neck and shoulders, another clever bottle design, not only making the obvious aspects looks like a fighter, but even the bottle shape. The illustrator behind these designs is Gerrardo Ibarra.

1800 Tequila was named after the first year that tequila became available, 1800. Using the Weber Blue Agave, 1800 has the iconic pyramid shaped bottle, signifying the ancient Mayan stone pyramids, found throughout Mexico. Although the regular bottles of this drink do not have artwork on them, the artist’s series are the ones that have the artwork; coming with new limited edition bottles annually. Artists collaborate with 1800 and have their artwork displayed on a more unique canvas. Their most recent collaboration being with American artist Keith Haring.

Suerte Tequila’s brand is represented by the line art rabbit on the front, designed by illustrator and graphic artist Adam Jackson, a lot of his other work is in the same, thick lines, ‘tattooesque’ style. The discovery of the tequila plant was apparently down to rabbits; when a farmer’s wife noticed rabbits getting drunk after eating the fermented agave; not only does the rabbit signify the origins of tequila, on the rabbits body are different symbols representing luck.


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