|| Soap and Glory Packaging Redesign ||


These designs are just the start, there are more designs that I could possibly create. Also to make this design seem more real, I could add the other stickers and information that you see on the actual design, I have added a few below but I’m still a bit unsure of how the layout of the actual stickers and information would be laid out. I feel as though my design could be worked on a bit more because when the stickers are put on, they do cover up most of the design that I have created. However it could be left so that there is minimal information on the front of the bottle, to show off the design and have the more detailed information on the back.
sg-5 copy

To create these designs I first used a texture that I created using extremely watered down inks, in light airy colours – to correspond with the brand and the product, and washed these colours over a page to create this sort of marbled/tie dyed effect (below). I then went on to create different brush strokes that I could use as a brush on Photoshop to create the marks along the side. I scanned the marks that I made, purposely using black because of the contrast between that and the paper meaning I could change the colour and there would be no issues where it looks off because of the online change. I took the photo of my marks into Photoshop and create a new brush preset and went on to create the swiping marks on either side of the designs on each bottle.


Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

I knew I wanted to follow a curve across the front of the bottle because of the smoothness that this could create, the sweeping marks across the front would not be too harsh and put people off if they were done the right way and in the right colour. After creating the brush preset I painted on the marks then changed the colour from black to a dusty pink colour that I felt best suited the brand. As the colours people normally associate with Soap and Glory are light pinks and creams, I kept the colour scheme the same to avoid a complete rebranding and possibly changing the demographic of the brand. I then made the sweeping marks that you can see go through the middle on most designs in another file and transferred them over when I was happy with what they looked like; I played around with the position of the lines and where they lay, that is why there are a few designs that look quite similar.


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