|| Analogue vs. Digital ||

Looking at packaging as a possible pathway through Illustration, we evaluated some different packaging based on a few different criteria; such as what aspects we assume were created by an illustrator and what parts were added by a graphic designer, whats are the positives of the packaging and what the negatives where.

IMG_8530 IMG_8531 IMG_8532 IMG_8533 IMG_8537 IMG_8536 IMG_8535  IMG_8538 IMG_8539 IMG_8534 (1)

Above are all the different products we analysed the packaging of. Before we started to analyse the individual products, we discussed the difference between what an illustrator contributes to packaging design and what a graphic designer adds to it. We discussed the aspects of a good design for packaging and that illustrators would most likely only have control over the artwork that will go on the packet; as opposed to the shape of the box and the text that legally has to be on the box.

An illustrator is hired to tell the story and the graphic designer is hired to sell the story.

An illustrator would have enough freedom to create work they want to in most cases as long as they match the brief that was set; for example if the brief was to create a packet for a set of halloween themed biscuits, the illustrator would choose colours, if the client did not have any preferences, and they would create illustrations that would go around the product and then after sending the work to the graphic designer, who would go on to make the shape of the packet and using a colour scheme, either provided by the client or illustrator, they would start making the package come to life. The shape and colour of the packaging are both things that could either be decided by the client or the graphic designers, the illustrator would more often than not solely be working on the art, however there are instances where the illustrator could get to design the more business side of the packaging, like text and shape.

Important things to consider when designing ‘good’ packaging as an illustrator, are the size of the art; the amount of space you will need to fill, it is not very efficient to create a very detailed piece of artwork that is also quite large, to find that after printing and final creation, your image has been shrunk down to a small coin sized section of the packet. Although usually dimensions for the art would be given in advance, making that mistake wouldn’t hinder your progress as an illustrator, but just wouldn’t look right and not give your work the justice it deserved and would have got as a larger piece. Another is getting your target audience right, this is includes customers, clients and other competitors; clients are important so you can not only get a good reputation within that company and they call you back for more work, but also to keep the name of that company and brand as reputable as it was previously and not weaken their image. The customers are obviously important because eventually, they are the ones that are going to buy the product, finally the competitors are important because of the need to be aware of what is around you and the work that they are putting out, either to recreate the more popular designs differently or to be able to find out what you can do differently to help make your packaging separate to the others on the market.

What to remember is that traditional companies such as Quaker Oats are more frequently bought because of the time span that they have been around – people trust them more, because of the thought that they have been around for such a long time because they are good and their product is of a very high quality, high enough to be keep on the shelf for quite a while.

Regarding what we look for when we go to buy a product is the style of the packaging; this includes things like detail, is there a need for a lot of detail in the design or can a fairly simplistic design work for the product? Colour, does the product have a specific colour that relates to it or could any colour apply? Tools used to create the designs for the packaging, would it be done solely online or would you make marks by hand then manipulate them on Photoshop? All these topics are some things to considering hen wanting to design the perfect packaging; the main thing to do when designing packaging is to provoke a feeling in the customer. 


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