|| Alphonse Mucha Evaluation ||

Alphonse MuchaThese advertisement posters created by Alphonse Mucha, I believe really does its job in selling the product to the consumer. The beautifully flowing style of the art nouveau movement makes this appeal to the people viewing it because it is easy to look at; there are no harsh lines or colours that would clash with the serene autumnal colours.

Moët and Chandon being the high class expensive brand of champagne, has the advertisement to match. I think Mucha purposely made the ladies on the front quite ethereal looking, in a successful attempt to make it look like this is the effect this champagne has on someone drinking it. The soft lines and warm colours make the consumer assume that the champagne is regal and that is how they would feel when they drink it.

The warmth that the artwork gives off makes people more interested in looking at it for longer because it is pleasant to look at, for the soft ranges in tone and mark-making. I feel quite warm looking at it myself, whilst also receiving connotations of Autumn/Winter time, sitting indoors with a warm fire, seasonal parties where this particular drink would be served – and that’s where Mucha cleverly sold the champagne. 


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