|| Specialist Field Artist Evaluation – Amadeo Bachar ||

One specific field within Illustration that I find quite interesting is the scientific illustrations aspect; and one artist whose work I have found very nice to look at is the work done by Amadeo Bachar. Born in the north of Santa Cruz, his interest in in drawing and painting blossomed while he was still only a child. His work of the marine environment and scientific illustrations are given context, when you learn that he was very interested in the fishing and coastal gathering that surrounded him his whole life.

Milton_love_rockfish_1024x1024The above piece is one artwork of Bachars that I really quite like and would aspire to create something of this quality in the future. The subject are three different types of fishes and a few diagrams on sections of the fish. I quite like decision of the layout of this piece of artwork, although upon first glance it may seem quite a bit right side heavy because of all the coloured sections of the fishes being on that side, but also the majority of the diagram style drawings being in the centre around the fishes and some on the left.

As these illustrations are more informational and less fiction artworks; the colours used cannot really be interchanged because of preference over one colour for the specific fish, they have to be as accurate as possible, for example here the centre most fish displays the use of bright reds as well as very dark, almost maroon reds, but as it fades into the line drawing at the end of the tail, the colours that may be visible on the fish in person, underneath all the initial shine, would be colours such as paler reds, fading to orange and those oranges fading into yellow and eventually pale yellow. Bachar has displayed a large knowledge of these fishes, knowing where detail points are and exactly what colours to use; this must have involved some rather in depth research.

The purpose of a scientific illustration is to not only entertain but also educate, I think Bachar accomplishes this in many of his artworks. The colours are vibrant and very visible on the fishes, but the information in the background is also visible because when you look at this piece of art you know that it is meant to be an informational illustration to a certain extent. However, as much as I like this one I do not think it could work as a piece of art that is not informational, the information on the background is almost too hidden by the fishes on the foreground. The overpowering red colour wants to be the first thing you notice when you look at the art, and it is but it is constantly forcing itself out towards you, and the line art in the back digresses and becomes almost unnoticeable. Although the red colour is very bold and stands out, what offsets it is the colour of the background, the natural beige colour allows the red to sit on it comfortably, and have the black/grey thin line art markings to shit behind without wanting to push forward.

white_seabass_catalina_12x24_1024x1024Another piece of art created by Amadeo Bachar, that I feel changes the dynamics of the previous art I have show here. This time it is a neutral coloured fish, on a neutral background that is not too busy. What I like about this one is the fish is the main subject but the background images such as the map and the logos are all also very visible, they are not hidden behind the boldness of the fish in front.

The eyes can be led around this art because of the range of colours and textures. The eyes start on the fishes face and then over the body, over the purple/lilac scales, to the tip of the tail, then eyes go over the island drawing behind the back side of the fish, starting from the bottom to the top, the small diagrams in the top right corner are noticed when your eyes are at the top of the island, you then notice the logo in the top left corner, followed by the bottom left corner information and mini diagram.

I feel like all of Bachars work is strong and stands out from other similar pieces of art, purely because of the amount of research he puts in to actually gaining information about the subject of the artwork, and also the amount of detail in his drawings, on many each and every scale has been drawn in and then coloured later on. The way he works with the subject being large and in charge on the top most layer of the page, and coloured in with the boldest colour choices; the back ground appears almost on a lower level of opacity, because of the way he has added colours to it.


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