|| Final Evaluation – Creative Vocational Practice ||

My original brief for this module was to create prototype pages for a potential children’s book. I chose to do a ‘cute’ children’s book that would be accessible to those aged 2-3 years old. I started with wanting to have the subject of the dinosaurs, as I feel like that would be something children would be able to relate to them and be able to find them interesting. However, as I started drawing the different dinosaurs from different angles, I felt as though some looked quite cute, but when I attempted to draw them from the front, I was drawing it correctly like how it would look from the front, but I did not like how it looked on the paper.

Upon deciding that I did not like how the dinosaurs looked, I changed my idea to using regular animals still about today, this enabled me to really get some good drawings. I chose to draw a variety of animals from sloths to foxes and cats to owls. I started out by drawing these animals in styles of other artists whom I had taken inspiration from. The second step was to do some research into what makes things cute and what 2-3 year olds can relate to depending on how they develop. I used a large piece of paper and drew out the sloths and did the same on cardboard and added texture to the cardboard one by taking away bits off the top layer, exposing the corrugated parts below and then taking prints from it. Whilst making the cardboard stamp, I carved out the eyes and started playing with it like a mask, giving quite a comedic effect. I decided to play around with that idea with the other masks I created.

IMG_8127 IMG_8128 IMG_8129 IMG_8130

I had drawn the different animal ideas out and because children of the ages 2 – 2 are in explorative stages of their growth, and interactive book seemed like a possible idea that I could explore, so I drew out some mask shapes and coloured them in.

IMG_7571 IMG_7572 IMG_7569


The masks, as you can see above were done using a thick black marker pen on cardboard then cut out. I placed them on a headless mannequin to take pictures and quite liked the humour that came with the idea of an animal head on a human torso. I experimented with it by embedding the cat in different scenarios and quite liked the Monty Pyton’esque vibe coming from it. I did some research into more Monty Python artwork and created a watercolour piece using the cat and an existing Monty Python artwork. I liked how it turned out and almost takes it back to a children’s book because of the cartoon humour of it. I think this final idea of a watercolour painted piece has a lot of mileage and could definitely be a good idea for a book for both children and adults. I have not done a final piece as I concentrated more on developing many different ideas, but the one below is an idea of where the final idea would have gone.



An artist that I took great inspiration from was one of the artists I actually did an evaluation on before, Barnaby Richards, his dark art and thick, visible outlines on his work really caught my eye and interested me, hence the masks looking the way they do. I like the way the fur has been put down in the lines that only mark the direction of growth. I have had many different ideas come to me during this first part of the module, a few of which actually are in my sketchbook and on my blog. As I understood that humour may be the path best suited for the work I create, I took it even though it was very different from the original brief I set myself.

I have learnt many things about myself and my work during the course of this project, I feel as though my skills as an artist have improved greatly and have opened so many more doors that could take me down many different paths relating to my style. I know my skills in organisation have improved, during the first semester I had created work that I was not proud of but could have been used to show the developmental stages of my work and I did not put them in because I did not like them. This time round I kept everything I did and made sure it was all organised in order of when I did it. Keeping a blog has also helped me improve this skill because of the ease of uploading from my phone whenever I want, meaning my work is always being saved, rather than hidden in a drawer and left there.

My work for this project is read similarly by other people as it is by myself. I think other people enjoy it the same as I do because of the accessibility of it, the humour of it inspires both adults and children alike, while the cartoony element appeals to a majority of the children that have looked at it and they appreciate the humour, whether they fully understand it or not. If I had more time to complete this project, I would definitely develop it more to become a polished style and possibly give the work a story line and make it able to be a proper book. I would definitely like to do some more research into the style I had used for the first project, I managed to transfer it over to the second project for the editorial.

The second project was an editorial for an article that says that skipping breakfast before you go for a bike ride in the mornings could potentially burn more fat than eating a proper meal before going for a ride, this is based on the theory that your body would burn the fat that you have after you have woken up as opposed to the fat from breakfast foods.

I started this project by drawing a few different potential idea. The first few ideas were a few thumbnail drawings and coloured them in. I then drew out some potential layouts of the panels for a possible 2 panel comic idea. One thing I was not certain on, was how to properly draw a bike and the different elements that came together to make a bike. I learned that there are 5-6 steps in drawing a bike and created a small diagram in my sketchbook to illustrate so. Learning the basic structure of a bike then enabled me to change it up anyway I wanted, around the basic base. After learning that, I went on to look at the different postures one can have when riding a bike, be it a racing pose or a more relaxed position.



I drew and coloured a number of breakfast foods using Photoshop, as that is where I feel my skills are best, and quite like the outcome. The style is still similar to the first project in that it is in a cartoony language, but what was lacking was the use of something similar to the characters I had used in project 1. I went on to experiment with stock photos I had found on Google,  to get an idea of what it could look like and then proceeded to make it from my own work. I used one of the bikes I drew and a man I had drawn when looking at posture, I put them together using Photoshop, adjusted the mans posture and size to fit the bike and had a piece similar to the lady on the bike. I went on to create more images with the bike only and like how the last one I made turned out; the centre bike being largest followed by smaller bikes around the edges, with a shadow around the centre bike.


If I had more time to complete this work to the very best of my ability, I would really like to try out the final piece that I had planned at the very beginning; the 2 panel comic strip, and possibly try out more designs that could be possible. I started looking at origami food and bikes because I did like the look of it as an idea I tried out for the first project. As the brief said that I was to treat this like as if I was chosen to do it based on the employer having seen my work for the previous project, liking it and asking me to create something like that for their project, I think it definitely looks like work that I have created and one would be able to recognise it.


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