|| Final Evaluation – Creative Languages ||

For the second module, Creative Languages, I had to research several artsits, including Sigmar Polke and Paula Rego. From Polke, I learned how to make messy work and be okay with the work being the way it is, because a lot of the time when art is messy and rough, it looks sometimes better than when the work is very neat and precise. While Paula Rego taught me that work can be neat and have quite controversial meaning to them but still look like a beautiful piece of artwork making you think twice about the meaning of different artworks.

I did a few life drawing sessions during this module, to experiment with the way Paula Rego draws her subjects, as well as experiment with different materials to create artwork that is very reminiscent of the work created by Sigmar Polke. The work I created can be seen below; the difference in my art style, my way of working and my general skills have greatly improved over the course of this module due to the different life-drawing sessions we had. I have learned many different skills such as how to measure proportion, should you want to do so, when drawing a subject from life.

IMG_8120 IMG_8121 IMG_8119 IMG_8118 IMG_8117 IMG_8116 IMG_8115

The brief for this module was to create an editorial for your own chosen article, found on the internet. I chose to look at a BBC article about the entrance of Australia as a participant into this years Eurovision. To start this I gathered some images related to Eurovision and anything that looked music related. I used the direct trace method to look at how the images would turn out; I tried out the gum arabic technique as a tester to see how the work would turn out and I think it was a nice technique just maybe not one that would be relevant for the artwork I wanted to create for this module.

I had written down different words that are related to Eurovision and everything relevant to Eurovision, and I used words such as glitz, kitsch, mockery and inspiration words such as TV shows that I quite like the art style of to recreate for the editorial, these included shows such as The Yogi Bear Show, The Jetsons and Johnny Bravo.

I took inspiration from The Jetsons and created art for the final piece of the editorial. I had previously printed of a lot of Eurovision related imagery and took one of the photos and recreated it using pen and paper in a style I related to. I drew out a lady and then took it into Photoshop and recoloured it in on there. I created backgrounds using different effects on the paint such as the stylise effect, wind and stagger. The effects gave me really quite Polke’y results. Done in Photoshop, I managed to create a piece of art that turned out really great, like they had been done traditionally but then transferred into Photoshop then altered slightly.

I placed the girl on top of the background and played around with the different effects that I could use to blend her well into the background. I like the effect I managed to achieve in that she is embedded, but there are very visible sections and others that are not so much.

jetsons kylie6

One thing I have learned from this module is that I do need to create more options for the employer to look at, as it is not always the case that you can present on piece of work that they will instantly fall in love with and pick. They need options and I need to present those, at least 4. That is one thing I need to work on for next year, producing lots of work, finished or unfinished, just to give myself lots of different options of what I want to work with.


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