|| Cycling Brief Part 2 ||

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Above are more close up shots of the food I coloured in with the watercolour brushes on Photoshop. My favourites that have been coloured in are probably the honey stick and the strawberries because of the way they have been coloured in, the coloured watercolour paint has been placed around the edges and it looks like they have been painted traditionally, then dried, then scanned into the computer and the outlines of the dried watercolour paints have been left in.

Following on from the previous post, I went back into Photoshop to play around with the breakfast foods that I had coloured in. I had a small technical issue with my hand rendered work not transferring on to the computer, so I used an image of a bicycle I found on Google to look at possible ideas I can use for when I can access my own artwork on the computer.

I started with just a bike on its own and thought of putting them on top of the foods, to look like eyes, giving the overall image quite a comedic value. I quite like the randomness of the positioning of the bicycles, however I couldn’t put a bike on every food item, this would have too many bikes, but a suggestion would be to possibly swap every other food item for a bike to create a pattern, and this is quite an interesting idea that I like the sound of, but I do not think that it would work as an editorial.


The second possible editorial I created using an image from Google, was the one below, I quite like the simplicity of this one and how it still gets the message across. I think the contrast between the lady on the bike and the messy nature of the watercolour painting in the back almost balance each other out and gives the image quite a polished look, as I really did quite like how this one looked, I decided to try it out using my own images.


Another element of this piece I created that is not often seen, is the use of a woman on a bicycle rather than a man. The harsh black lines of the lady on the bike against the light colours of the foods make her stand out a lot more compared to if she was done using thinner lines and even a grey colour.

After I managed to get my work on the computer, I took my drawings of bicycles and people and put them over the top where I had experimented using the Google images. Below you can see a variation of the woman on a bike, I had a drawing of that bike, and a separate drawing of a man, from when I was looking at the posture of a person when sat on a bike. I took the two and put them together to create a man on a bike from two individual drawings. I had to resize the man to make him fit on the bike, as well as separate his torso from the bottom half of his body to lean it forward and make it look like he is resting on the handlebars as he is riding the bike.


I chose to leave it uncoloured as it may have affected the overall look of the editorial, by incorporating in too many different colours. This left me with either the option to colour it in using only greys, or leave it as I scanned it in, in black and white and not change the body of it at all. I like how I left it and think because of the white blocking the colour from the background, the man stands out on top of the icon images behind, but also because of the dark outlines and the solid body colour, he sits on top of the images. I do think that some of the food items in the background are a bit distracting in that the colours of some of the foods are wanting to jump off the page and move to the front of the man, because of the brightness of the colours.

Below you can see a direct trace I did of the lady on a bike, I altered it slightly to make it almost my own artwork to use on my editorial. I used a blue oil paint, put it on the back of the paper on a sheet where I had printed the lady, I put only a thin layer of it and then placed it ink side down onto another sheet of blank paper; I then used a pen to draw over the top of the lady on the top side of the paper, the pressure of me pressing onto areas where the lady was printed, pushed the oil paint onto the paper directly below. This caused the effect below, a rough, quite textured print.


The below image was after I used only the bike that is in the completed piece above the oil paint direct trace technique above. I took the bike and repeated it three times to create the below effect, I like it but I do not think that it suits an editorial. Although I do think that the message gets across, the bikes overlaying the breakfast food icons, possibly shows one should choose the bike over the food in the morning. I think having 3 bikes there seems a bit much; this may be because of how dark the bikes are, if they were maybe a dark grey or even a light grey, or possibly even put it over the breakfast foods with a lighter opacity.


This one below is a variation of the one I did above; I kept the large bike in the centre because I did like how that looked, but it still looked empty and needed something around it, this was similar thinking I had when I was creating the one above. Except this time I used the large bike in the middle and used smaller bikes around it to fill the space, as well as push the big bike in the middle outwards to the viewer, the colours of the breakfast foods so not over power the bicycles. The colours happily sit behind the bikes and I think the image gives a happy look to it, whilst still having the message come across to the viewer. Having a lot of the bikes on top really reinforces the message of riding your bike before your breakfast does have its benefits, however negative it may sound. The second one below is the first one, but I added a shadow behind the centre bike to really make it stand out.



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