|| WBL – Creative Organisations / Enterprises ||

I have learnt many new thing since the start of this course, and one has been the difference between an organisation and an enterprise. This being that an organisation supports an artist and doesn’t make money, such as a registered charity and an enterprise sells your work and makes money, an enterprise provides the artist with commission work. For this task I was to decide on two organisations and two enterprises, in my case, that was the Association of Illustrators and the House of Illustration for the organisations, and for the enterprises it was Illustration Web and Eye Candy Illustration Agency.

One task we had to complete for this course was to look at two enterprises and two organisations related to illustration; the ones I have mentioned above were the four that I chose to look at and research around. To get this done, I set a few questions/topics that I could do research into, this includes ones such as the clients, history, departments within the company, staff members who regularly work there, how they are funded and what you may need to work for them yourself.

First I looked at the Association of Illustrators, and because of the size of them, they have had an extremely large number of clients, ranging from National Geographic Books to Adobe; they have an online directory, naming a lot of their most recent/popular clients, and clicking on the client name will take you to a page where you can see the artwork that was created and links to the pages of the artist who created that piece of art. They have their own magazine that is released quarterly and is up for sale in their shop. Having started in 1973 they have done many different things to change the way people see illustration as a profession. They currently have 7 staff members, you can see on their website. Being a non-profit, they are funded by companies and individuals buying memberships that can range from £50 to £600, there are also events they host that usually have a small entrance fee. They offer internships to students and graduates that last 3 months, this enables people wanting experience in this side of the illustration field to gain knowledge of how it works.

Secondly the House of Illustration, this organisation offers adult masterclasses and courses as well as a schools programme, to educate a large variety of illustrators, from children to adults. They also have different events, talks and workshops available at different times of the year. Being a charity and not having a permanent place to set up the organisation, they recently got their first permanent home in the heart of Kings Cross, in the summer of 2014. There are quite a few staff members and they can all be seen on the House of Illustration website. They are funded through sponsorship packages that are available on the website, you can apply to give regular donations or there is an option for a one off donation.

Going on to the enterprises, Illustration Web was the first of the two, again they have a very large client list, established in 1929, they are one of the leading international illustration and animation agency. They are also members of the Association of Illustrators, showing the link between this enterprise and the organisation. The website shows 21 staff members, from consulting agents to finance directors, they have offices all over the world, so they have a representative for each country that they have agents and offices in. They commission work and to do so they have instructions on their website, making the whole process really simple. They are an online agency and make their money by taking a cut from the commissions.

The last one is Eye Candy Illustration Agency. They have a large number of clients as well, however clients are not as obvious on the website, straight off the bat, you have to look at the different artists and then you’ll see what clients they have worked for. Some artists have worked for Pantone to Wagamama and even the Royal Academy. Being quite recent, they were established in 2002 and only started with 20 graduates, they have expanded and now have more than 50 artists. To commission, you call the agents direct, and they will sort out the financial sides and sorting out which artist to work with, they then pass you on and you complete the whole creative process with the artist directly. They seem to have expanded almost globally, and have an audience across the world, they have had clients in past from the UK, Spain and even the USA. They are also constantly gaining a wider audience through winning numerous awards.


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