|| Cycling “One Day” Brief ||

I was given an article that I had to illustrate using the knowledge I learned in my Creative Languages classes, the imaginary brief stated that I had been chosen to do the illustration for the article, based on what they had seen for the work created for the article I illustrated for the Creative Languages brief. Below are my base ideas, I started by drawing thumbnail sketches of the different possible ideas for the final illustration. I had 5 very different ideas based off the information that the article gave me, this being that not eating breakfast before a steady bike ride in the morning could be more beneficial because of the difference in the type of fat you are burning, as opposed to the fat you burn when you have just eaten something.

IMG_8101 IMG_8102

After looking at the thumbnail designs for longer, I realised that I could work them as a comic if I wanted to go down that route; the bottom two that I unintentionally put next to each other, work quite well as a two part comic story, and like some editorials do, actually say the same message that the article is trying to get across. Deciding which way around I wanted the panels to go was not difficult but required thinking as the comic would work either way round, eventually I decided to go with the order you see below.

IMG_8108 IMG_8109

As I chose to do the woman on a bicycle thinking about breakfast food on her morning ride, I looked into different breakfast foods and drew them up in my preferred style. What I had to keep in mind was that the employer hired me to do this editorial because they liked the work I created for the Creative Languages module. So to keep with that theme, I created a watercolour brush on Photoshop to colour the breakfast foods in. Below is the progression, the first image is of the initial drawings of the breakfast food, the second after it was transferred into Photoshop and altered using levels to get the line art very dark, it was then coloured using the watercolour brushes I made.

IMG_8104 IMG_8206

I went back to my original drawing and enlarged it to see how it would work just by itself; because of the rough, sketchy nature of my original drawing and how it was all quite compact and details of the man aren’t that visible, I decided to enlarge the drawing in hopes that I would be able to see more detail on the cyclist. Below you can see the result of the enlarging, after I went over it all using a thick black marker pen. I had to go over the enlarged version using a pen because enlarging it had blurred the pencil markings making the gaps between the more noticeable lines to become fuzzy. I quite like the effect of the pen marking over the top of the fuzzy pencil lines, but I think in order to create a refined image for a newspaper article, the pencil lines should not be there, especially considering my work was chosen on the basis of the work I created in the other module.

IMG_8207I still need to look at drawing the woman if I want a comic for the final editorial, and as I am not very good at drawing hands, should I decide to draw the lady, I could possibly try doing some hand studies, and draw hands in different positions, this would not only expand my skills, but also help in finishing this image for the article.


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