|| Creating Polke inspired work on Photoshop ||

Actually starting on what I feel like the final product of my editorial brief for the article about Australia entering Eurovision, I created the following images below. The first four images are of a past Eurovision singer, and the development of the drawing to the final coloured in piece. The original drawing I did, seemed to look very much “Disney’esque” and although this was not intentional, I like the look that gives, making it more approachable to a wider range of people, similar to the comics you find in the newspaper. I took inspiration from TV shows such as The Jetsons and The Flintstones when deciding on the style I wanted go with, purely because these shows seem to have quite a kitsch look to them and if any word describes Eurovision best it would be the word KITSCH. 

The blue section on the wing earpiece was only so I could see where I wanted to lay the gold colour, but I chose to display it here because I know I did use some turquoise on the ring and think that if the accents on the wings were blue it would create this sort of balance and even out the art; however I do also feel as though it is a bit too bright and so kept it, it’s original old colour that you can just about see on the fourth image.

jetsons kylie jetsons kylie2 jetsons kylie3 jetsons kylie4

The two images below are Polke inspired backgrounds that I decided to put behind the image I created above. As Sigmar Polke was a large inspiration for this section of the course, I decided to use that inspiration to create the editorial, it only makes sense seeing as he used the dots from prints for inspiration. I managed to get these effects using different filters in Photoshop on the different strokes of colour I had dotted around on separate layers. Putting the colour that I want to warp down in a line or just a random squiggle, then going to the Filter tab at the top, down to Stylize (between Sharpen and Video). Clicking on this one brings up a dialogue box, you need to make sure you are on the layer with the specific colour of paint plash that you want to add movement to; you should ideally have just one colour on every layer, and every layer should basically only have one or two paint brush splashes on it.

polke background polke background2

Below are the final outcomes of the layering of the different pieces of art. I took the girl and placed her over the top. To create the effect that I have below, I experimented with the different types of layers, and layered it over the top in ‘vivid light’. This created the effect you see below; certain parts being a lot more solid and visible, while other sections are underneath some layers of paint on the bottom layer. The image has a lot going on, and it definitely makes you want to look at every aspect of it before deciding if you like it or not. The first thing you see is are the brighter colours, the big space of blue, the red at the bottom, the small speck of green. However in the first one, with the dots over the bottom right corner or the art, the colours do get pushed behind and are trying to force their way forward.

jetsons kylie5 jetsons kylie6

Below I tried the image in black and white except for the lady, and I like it, however considering the brief is to create an editorial for a newspaper article, I feel like it would look like too much ink on the page that has been smudged around; but I still quite like it because it highlights the lady rather than all the different colours in the background distracting from her. If I was to choose one of these three designs for the editorial, I would pick the first one in colour, except I would add some more of the dots I put over the top in the top left corner as well, it would then look more balanced and possibly better.

jetsons kylie7 too inky


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