|| Another Life Drawing Class ||

Taking inspiration from all the work I was looking at b y Sigmar Polke, I decided to use it in my own artwork. I had a life drawing class and had all the materials that I would need to create something that possible resembles something in the style of Polke. There was a material that had lots of small holes in it and a sticky side that would stay flat when pressed down against a surface, I used this to create the yellow dots on the artwork below. I drew out the model quite quickly and roughly with a pencil and then went in with a black marker pen, in the first one, to go around the face and put in the details of the eyes, nose, mouth, ear and the hair. I then used the black marker to dot around her face, similar to the technique Polke used, I used a red biro pen to put some more detail in areas such as her cheeks and her lips. After I had got all the detail down, I put the dotty material down on her hair and pushed a yellow oil paint through the holes, to give the work a Polke effect as well as give a blonde colour to the hair section. When I put the material down on the page, I tried not to place it so the hair was perfectly coloured in by the dots, instead put it down in such a way that it wasn’t neat and tidy but kept it wild and random – I think this gave a more Polke like effect, especially when put next to the neater placement of the black dots.

I really quite like the second piece of artwork that I created, if I had added more splashes of colour and added more detail, concentrating on her face, I think it would look good and work as a final piece of artwork, inspired by Polke. To create this one, I did not have an initial pencil sketch, I went straight in to working with a blue crayon, doing my initial lines with that, I then went in with the red crayon, creating this almost 3D effect because of the cross over of the blue colour and red colour. I again used the yellow oil paints pushed through the holey material for the hair and out more detail on the body using the red and blue crayons.


Below are more drawings I did in the same session; this time I used charcoal, instead of looking to create a more Polke like design. I tried using this session to create Polke style art, but also develop my drawing skills, I very much enjoyed the life-drawing sessions and hope I get to do more in the future. To do the charcoal drawings I didn’t start with a pencil outline, except on the first one of the two below, I started with a very quick pencil outline then went in with the charcoal and added more detail, such as shading and some more detail across the face. The second one, not as good as the one before, was done without an initial sketch, only charcoal.


These two below here are other pieces of artwork that I did without starting with initial sketches in pencil. The first one is only a small face that I did with a black marker pen and I quite like how it looks quite cartoony rather than actually realistic, but you can still see that it looks like a person, and almost like the model. The second, to give it some scale, was done on an A1 sheet of paper, using a black marker pen, and again without an initial rough sketch. I like this one up to a point, I think there are definitely things that I could improve on, such as the proportion of certain areas not being quite right, for example her left hand doesn’t look quite right and quite quick. Maybe what I need to do is a study in anatomy, looking closely at different body parts, purely to enhance my knowledge of where everything is and skill in drawing these areas – because I do know that hands, feet and faces are often problem areas for me.

IMG_8119 IMG_8120


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