|| Drawing People I Know ||

Following on from the live-drawing class, I draw some of the people in my class. This was a good exercise because it allowed me to draw fairly fast but keep detail within the image. Below are all four of the drawings on one page, then all individually afterwards. I tried different drawing techniques for each person.


For the first one below, I used a fine liner pen, this gave me more control that the thicker marker pen I used in previous art, and also let me build up the tonal ranges in certain areas, such as around the mouth and nose. I quite like working with the fine liner, have done so in the past and will continue to make artwork in which the majority of it is a fine liner pen. I like the cross-hatching on the art to create shades because it allows you to add detail while keeping the method of reaching that detail quite simple, you only need to pin point the areas that are darker or lighter and cross-hatch accordingly.


For this one I used my own method of drawing, just using pencil to outline the different areas after I have lightly shaded in how the area should be drawn/coloured in, an example of this can be seen where I have started the eyebrow by just shading, the detail around the nose also displays this technique, there is light shading where I have mapped out the area then the darker tones where I have gone in to put more detail in. Here I focused more on the outer edges of the face and worked inwards. I quite like how this one has started and feel as though I was on a good path to finishing this and it looking quite accurate in proportion.


The third one below here is also done in pencil, similar to the one above,  but here I filled in shapes rather than looking at the lines and where I know lines and shading are. I put in the hair lines around the top of the head to give the head some proportion, as if the hair wasn’t there and it was just the side of the face it would look a bit odd (as you can see in the drawing after this one). The edges of the face were done by looking at the shapes on the inside and working towards the edges using shading of the pencil – the opposite to what I did for the drawing above. As I moved on to the next person I was drawing, I managed to get quicker at what I was doing; this was one I felt I managed to complete to this standard quite quickly, a lot quicker than I am usually finishing artwork.


This was the last drawing I did and I quite like how it turned out but as mentioned earlier because of the lack of pictorial space, which would have been evident if I had drawn the hair in. The technique I used to do this drawing was to put down a really light shade using the pencil and make it darker by going in to certain areas that are darker. This was the one I did quickest, although there aren’t that many details in it and it may be slightly out of proportion, I like how it looks, and this technique is definitely one that I will consider going back to in the future.


I’ve improved my skills greatly through these life-drawing sessions, and feel like my drawings of faces and bodies have improved. I have learnt new skills on how to check that you are drawing in proportion and new techniques, some of which are mentioned in this post. What I have learnt from these sessions, if I want to improve my skills in drawing bodies and faces and keeping everything in proportion, I could keep a small sketch book with me all the time and draw different parts of the body, different features of the anatomy, to really learn about how all these sections work and how the come together. This would enable me to know how to draw certain body parts from any angle.



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