|| WBL – Opportunities and Threats ||

Going back to the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) sheets that I wrote about, I had previously only filled in my strengths and weaknesses, this time I went in and filled out my opportunities and threats. The opportunities section would include things that would advance my career, here I wrote down good opportunities that are open to me, trends that I could take advantage of and how to turn my strengths into opportunities.

Similar to how I explained my strengths and weaknesses before, there are two sheets – professional and personal skills. My professional opportunities section consists of looking for work experience, taking up live briefs – whether it be online or in person through mutual contacts, and looking for possible internships. These are all opportunities that I could use to my advantage to advance in my career, they would all give me more experience and the chance to expand my portfolio. Another opportunity would be to talk to more people, interact with more people already in the field of work; expanding my contact list would give me a wider range of people to work with and potentially gain more interest for what I’m offering.

The next section was threats, these are trends and weaknesses that could potentially harm how I do as an individual in my career. These could include not having enough contacts of professionals high up in the business, meaning if I wanted to advance to a certain level I would not be able to due to lack of experience and knowledge of how to get there. Another could be other individuals on the same career path as I, competition in the form of others who are just as good, if not better, than I and what I can create. Not knowing my way around certain different softwares could also be a point of weakness in my career, whether it be not knowing how to use what is already on the market now, such as Photoshop or Illustrator, but even softwares that have not yet been released, so I have no way of knowing how to use these if I do not get them and use them for myself.

My personal skills opportunities are such as going to events that are relevant, business events, social events – a way to expand my contacts list, getting to know more people to work from a better stance in my career. Social media and networking is another good way to get to know a wider range of people, this is an excellent way, in my opinion, because not only can you find out about people who are near you in the field but also all over the world, expanding your knowledge of the field globally. Another opportunity would be participating in competitions, be it online or around my town, or in a newspaper, entering competitions expands how many people see what I do and how good I am at what I do, for example entering a competition for a newspaper, if I won, would be good coverage because many people read the newspaper daily and it is also accessible online, so to not leave out those who do not read a physical newspaper.

The final threats section for my personal skills are potential nerves that could stop me from delivering a presentation to the best of my ability. It could also come across as unprofessional and therefore lessen my chances of being chosen by either an employer or potential partner. Another potential downfall of mine could be poor time management skills and poor presentation skills. Presentation skills because I have not done that many presentations in my time and lack the proper knowledge of how to conduct one well and effectively. This should be something I learn with time along with the time management skills that get better as I learn better how to work through certain situations.


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