|| Still Playing Around in Photoshop ||

After using Photoshop to make the masks actually appear as masks on the Mona Lisa and on Barack Obama, I decided to put the whole photograph I took of the masks to use, including the mannequin torso. As you can see below, I have embedded the mask on to the mannequin and then used Google to find an oil painting that looked like a very normal and traditional oil painting, then put the mask and Photoshopped torso into it. I like the stark contrast between the two even though I attempted to then embed the cardboard mask and body into the painting by creating a similar light on all layers then adding a texture over the top of everything to seal it all in. I believe this technique of mine has been more successful on the copy where I have lightened the whole thing. It looks better connected to the rest of the image that the darker one because, in the darker one, the cat looks too dark in comparison to the rest of the background, which pushes it out a little further making it appear separate to the whole image.

IMG_8079   IMG_8080

Also because I enjoy working with watercolours and in a more cartoony art style, I drew the above pieces I created, with watercolour paints and an ink pen and quite like the way it has turned out, it has a funny child-like look to it and could possibly be used to narrate a short children’s book because of all the bright colours and obvious shapes. I painted the second one keeping in mind what a lot of Monty Python posters look like; the random addition of the iron made it quite similar to what some of those posters look like as well as the brightly coloured background and weird happenings in the painting.

FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender 3


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