|| WBL – CV Cover Letter ||

Around the time I did the Christmas card live brief, I was finalising my CV and moving on to the next task involving CVs. The next step was to create a generic cover letter, this would enable me to send it to people later on when I decide who I want to send it to, when looking for jobs. Before I started this course, I did not have much experience in the field, but I had written a CV, and got a job with it. I had also written a Personal Statement which is part of the basic structure of a standard CV in order to get a place on this course, but I had never written a cover letter so I was not really sure where to start.

I knew the basic idea was that it was a letter that would be sent to potential employers and contain information such as why you are writing, what information you could give that is not already in your CV but you feel would be good knowledge for the employer. I started initial research by looking into existing cover letters online, general cover letters, not specific to the Illustration field, yet. Upon looking online at different examples, I noticed it is the first thing your potential employer sees before reading your CV; and it is your first chance to briefly but intelligently persuade the employer to invite you back for an interview.

I have also learnt that it does not have to be too long but needs to have the right information to help you, only having to be a few short paragraphs long. One website I found particularly useful was Total Jobs, it lists the different circumstances in which one would have to write a cover letter, for example, should you be unemployed, wanting to change jobs or even freshly graduated and looking for your first job. You can choose to either download a template that you can use to help write your own cover letter after selecting what circumstance you are in. If you wanted some more assistance in writing it, they offer another link in each category as well that shows you how to write for whichever category, these include information such as what you should highlight and how you should show ambition, and more. It is a very useful website that I think would be able to help a large group of people no matter what kind of education they got and what they want to go on to do.

Below is my final basic cover letter, should I find that I need to use this when sending my CV in, I can change some of the simple information and make it more personal to the employer I will send it to. Although it seems quite short, this is because I have not written the letter to any recruiter specifically, more details would be added when I am actually in the process of sending it out.



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