|| WBL – Christmas Card Live Brief ||

bauble1 (2)

Although the deadline was very tight, I enjoyed having the opportunity to work under pressure to create good quality.

I found it slightly worrying that we had more or less 1 week to finalise our ideas but I knew I had to get it done. I overcame the pressure of a tight deadline by planning out what I had to do, day by day. I often find that I can work better under a small amount of pressure and still produce a good variation of work at a high standard.

I am proud of the work I created, I went or the look of a homemade twine bauble with the West Herts logos falling around it similar to that of falling snow. I believe it met the criteria listed on the design brief and I know I worked hard in the limited amount of time given to create them. ‘West Herts Bauble’ was the one that was picked out of my three chosen pieces, to be taken to the final.

deer so many (1)
Winter Stag Kaleidoscope card idea
robin3 (1)
Red to Green Robin card idea









During the course of the two weeks of this live brief I learned that I have the ability to work quickly and concisely to a tight deadline, however I also learned that I should  know that people interpret meanings in different ways; so I should not only accustom my artwork to suit what I like to see but also what I know other people would like to look at.

My tutor gave me enough advice regarding my variety of designs to carry me through to my final choice of design, as the constructive criticism helped me decide what I wanted to change and how I wanted to change it. She also showed me how my stuff could change but not necessarily be better than what it was like before.

If I could redo this live brief, I would hope that there would be enough time for me to create something I would be more proud to call my own. And if I still had the same amount of time I would try and get started on different designs as soon as I find out about the live brief as I did not start straight away, instead I thought about it for too long rather than actually getting it down on paper or on the computer.

In three words I would say that this live brief was; fast-paced, fun and knowledgeable.


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