|| WBL – CV Content ||

Moving on to how to write a CV that could potentially land you your dream job. In our previous lesson we were talking about skills and those that you would need to succeed in a professional environment, as well as privately amongst friends and maybe even potential clients who need convincing that you are the right person for the job. I got a sheet that linked CV content and the personal and professional skills information we learnt.

This sheet talks about how the advert for the job, essentially writes your CV for you, it goes on to say that job descriptions, really do show you what employers are actually looking for. Certain skills specific to the job maybe listed, however qualities related to the attitude the employer would like you to have towards the job may be different every time, depending on the job you are applying for. There are different phrases and words that employers tend to use when writing the job advert, this print-out has a number of those different phrases, followed by a description of what those phrases or words mean and how you can change up your existing CV to suit the job you are applying for. An example of what this sheet has on it is:

Self-starter, proactive

Draw attention to occasions where you showed leadership or vision. Use verbs such as “Initiated”, “Lauched”, “Spearheaded” or “Pioneered” and quantify your achievements.

This is the general layout to the rest of the sheet, and as you can see the title in bold are words or phrases that the advert for the job would say; the first sentence is about what those words may mean and what you should highlight in your CV, followed by words that you could use to enhance what you’ve already put down.

I then went on to look at jobs that were being advertised at the time, printed them off and highlighted the important things that I could use to further the information already on my CV. Below are two of the jobs I found that I would potentially be interested in, and as you can see I have highlighted all the sections which I found to be most full of information I could take out and use, and just to tell myself that this is the kind of information that I would see as well as briefly what they mean. What I found was when looking at job roles that are fairly similar, the descriptions would be almost identical or have roughly the same information, that told me that the information and the terminology maybe useful to really understand, in order to be able to elaborate whenever necessary as it may boost my chances of a job, because of my understanding of what the employer is asking for.


I’ve also 4 stapled packs of 4 jobs, Storyboard Artist, Illustrator, Medical Illustrator and Concept Artist. All packs are job profiles that give me as much basic information as I would need on that specific job. Information on these packs for each job include topics such as what you would do in that job, if you need qualifications for the job, hours, income, the best route in and other essential information when looking for what you really want to do. These sheets could also work in a similar way to the others I was writing about earlier, although that is not the reason these information packs exist, you are allowed to gain knowledge from multiple places and use it to your advantage. These packs could give me the right terminology for when I’m writing a CV for those specific jobs.

After gathering the information I learnt from all the hand-outs, information I found online and using what I already knew, I decided to build a better CV than the one I originally had. After amending my CV several times after that, I managed to get enough information on to it without cluttering it too much or putting too much unnecessary information in.


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