|| WBL – Job Role Mind Map ||

For our first Work Based Learning lesson we looked at different job roles within out chosen subject area. Below is a mind map I created with all the different roles under the umbrella of Illustration. I learnt that there are many more than I originally thought there were and have circled some paths that I would be interested in following.

Job role mind map

In the same lesson and the one after that we learnt of examples of different skills that maybe necessary when applying for jobs in the area and examples of ways to develop skills that I already have to make them better for the future when I break into the career or my choice. Skills to improve included writing, speaking, analysing, negotiating, persuading skills and many others; on a hand-out given to me during class it has all the different types of skills I may look to improve on and examples of ways in which I could do so.

Another hand-out was an empty double sided sheet that had two titles, one on either side; one side read: Key Job Skills and the other, Key Personal Skills. Our group task was to fill either side with as many of the relating skills as we could. So for job skills a few I had put down were staying current with the trends, competitor awareness which would come in handy when deciding what plans to take next as an individual or company; and some basic skills such as drawing skills, creativity and imagination. On the other side for personal skills I have put down skills such as punctuality, time management, and two which I think are quite important in this career choice; ability to work as an individual as well as work as part of a team.

After completing these past sheets on key skills to succeed in this industry, I filled out an Action Plan, where I wrote a summary of my current strengths, skills and qualities; for which I put that I can use my own initiative to better myself in different tasks, I know I can accept constructive criticism and work on it until I’ve improved at the task. I have a good understanding of how the internet, email and to a certain extent social media works. The next section was a summary of what I need to work on, develop or improve; for this I put only three things which I knew I needed to work on definitely; these three were being able to manage my time properly, completing work to a deadline and having alternative options. The last section to complete was about my priorities, what I was going to do, when, and how. For this section I put to make sure I organise my work accordingly, something I know I struggle with, needing to put everything in order and keep up to date with the different tasks given. And also to look at my SMART Targets on ProMonitor, these would give me an idea of tasks I had to carry out to complete parts of the modules in this course and to certain set weekly or monthly deadlines.


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