|| Playing around with the animal cut outs ||

Having fun is an important part of creating pieces of art, so naturally, I started playing with my cardboard cut outs. I cut out the eye holes and drew small small cartoon eyes on the tips of my fingers and stuck them through the holes to give them eyes. After doing this in class, I realised it was quite funny and may have opened up another path that I could take with the book idea. I could possibly do a funny comedy book for children or maybe even adults if I wanted to. Should I decide to take the route to make a funny book for children, I could use the idea that was born from putting my fingers through eye holes, to create a book that could be interactive where children put their own fingers through eye holes or use it as a mask of some sort, taking the child route has a lot of mileage, however so does creating a book for adults. I could create a silly book of jokes or something of that sort.


Looking back at these photos, I do realise that they may look slightly creepy. Especially with the finger eyes. I think the flaw is that it looks too unnatural for it to get away with it, another problem could be that the eye holes may be too small to use to look through. The exposed corrugated cardboard around the sloth in these photos give it a grunge look, which looks quite nice but probably not best for a children’s book – this was picked at until it was exposed all around the outline of the sloth to get a different texture for when I print it.


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