‘You Are The Art Director’ Brief

I was given anther brief to work from and in this one I was to imagine that I was the creative art director in charge at different agencies, to pick the illustrators in charge of the briefs that I was actually given during my course.The two briefs I chose to be the art director for were 1. The Johnsons Quarries Project and 2. Talk to Frank Comic Book Illustratons.

The Johnsons Quarries Project was a brief in which I have to find the illustrator who I feel will be able to produce a front cover for the companies 2015 Spring product catalogue. I am working as a designer for the Creative Original Design Agency, an agency which has been asked by Johnsons Quarries to carry out the brief.

An illustrator I deem appropriate for this brief is not one illustrator but the design company Telegramme. The work  they produce is strong and stands out, which is why I feel that it is a good choice for the cover. When you think of a catalogue cover for Johnsons Quarries your mind instantly goes to something quite scenic, with light washed out colours, to cause a bigger reaction rather than using what people would expect, I thought I would find an artist who prefers to create the opposite of the light kind of art. I found Telegramme on the Central Illustration Agency website and thought that their work best fit the idea that I had in my head for what I wanted to create. They create prints of designs they made up, some are based on bands gig posters, such as the one they were commissioned to create for the band Bastille, and other pieces are of fruits and drinks which work well as stand-alone pieces of artwork on cards and as big poster prints. I think their style of printing works well for this brief because not only does it have the punchy impact but the way they print makes the artwork look rustic and almost like rocks because of the texture visible on the screen prints.


Briefing them wouldn’t be too difficult as they have created work with landscaping on them already and because I like the style the have adopted I would like to give them quite a bit of freedom to create what they think is best, after giving them a brief in which Johnsons Quarries would be able to give their input on what they would definitely like to be included, along with a set time frame.

The second brief I set out to find an artist for was the Talk to Frank Comic Book brief. I am working as part of the junior team for the ad agency ‘Mother’ and have been asked to find a suitable artists to create a single page comic strip for the ‘Talk to Frank’ campaign. An artist I found was Mick Brownfield, he has already done some comic book style work and so picking him for this job seemed like a good idea, his work is in the typical comic book art style but has darker tones to it which would suit the themes which would be used in the Talk to Frank comic strip. His bold style would stand out against other pages in the book and would definitely fit the mood that the comic book, I feel, would be going for, with that said, he is an artist that seems quite versatile and would be able to create work that was dark and mysterious but would also have the ability to create artwork that can lift the mood from the darkness of the past.



I would give him the freedom again as he has had experience in this field of creating comic book art, as the comic strip has to be accessible to all groups of people, I think sticking to the traditional comic style is the best choice as it is what everyone knows and likes about comics and one cannot go wrong with a choice that has been picked for a long time before and a long time to come.



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