500 Words about how my work has evolved

Over the first semester, I have created many pieces of artwork, all which gradually improved over time as I learnt new skills and broadened my knowledge of illustration. Below are three pieces of artwork I have created during my time here; I have put them in an order I feel best shows off how my work has improved over the last 4 months. The first one is a piece I created very near the beginning of this semester, I did not know that much about how compositions and very much else worked. It was a bit of work I did while watching the road and drawing what I saw, while I know that I don’t particularly like the outcome with the image I know how to improve it now I know what I felt was wrong with it. I also now know what fine details I would want to keep in my artwork and what I would want to get rid of to make it look better. I also know how to deal with work that I don’t like the look of, because before this course I would get rid of work that I did not particularly like, but now I know to keep it and change the things I do not like to make it into a new piece of artwork that I do like. photo   This second piece is one done again not that far into the course and was done in a session where we created artwork that we did not plan first, that is why there is no method to the madness in this art. It started out using different pieces of prints we had taken from places around the college and sticking them down and drawing our on choice of one section of an arrangement of still life products on a table, I chose to draw the umbrella which is the big circle in my piece below. I made that and thought it looked like a planet and so carried that theme over my several large pages of artwork, I painted the back completely black and added another planet I created by cutting a circle out of one of the textures I found in the street, then drew the globe that was another still life item on the table.   The last one here was actually one of my submissions for a brief we were given, in which we had to create a Christmas card for the college. As the brief said we had to suggest ‘Season’s Greetings’ I chose to print a robin using the mono-printing method, it was actually the negative to the original and thought it worked better than the all black robin, I adjusted the colour so that it appeared whiter and added it onto a background, which I created using the ink left on the slab after mono-printing and just rolling that left over ink on to a piece of paper to create that interesting texture. I added colours on top that I felt best suited the seasonal theme and faded them into each other creating this professional looking result. I am quite proud of this result and can definitely see that my work has improved over the last 4 months, however there is still room for improvement and I know I will be able to write more by the end of the year on how my work has improved. robin3 (1)


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