Life Drawing Session

We recently had a class in Life-Drawing and I thoroughly enjoyed this class. We spent a whole day in the drawing studio with our life model, learning about different techniques which would help improve our skills on drawing areas in proportion and drawing sections using rough measurements taken by ‘eye-balling’ the length of a leg or the width of the models head.


I definitely learnt many new skills during the day and hope to be able to apply these skills to work I complete in the near future. Different techniques we tried were techniques such as not looking at the page when drawing, putting charcoal down on the page then drawing on top and using a rubber to pick out the highlights and drawing quickly in between changes in poses of the model.


Below are a few of the pieces of work I created during that day. The last image is the final outcome of the large piece I did, which took up most of the day. I’m quite proud of it as this session was my first ever experience with Life Drawing, the part I found the hardest was getting proportions right. Although after enough practice I would be able to improve. I like the sketchy effect of the fifth drawing, it was one of the drawings we had to do quite fast while the model changed poses, although I can see there are some proportional errors, I think the rough, sketchy style is quite nice and I’d like to try some more life drawings in this fast sketch style.


IMG_7027 IMG_7017 IMG_7018 IMG_7025



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