My Own Work

Below I have uploaded a series of my own pieces of artwork made recently that I am particularly proud of. There are a combination of bits of artwork I did for my Graphic Design A Level and also pieces I had completed in my own time.


This drawing of a tiger I had done a while ago and is one of the first pieces of artwork in which I had used coloured pencils to do the whole thing and complete in two days. I like the more realistic effect the coloured pencils give the fur. It is also one my best pieces of work to date and I am definitely very proud of it because it was not only one of my very first pieces of art but also one I worked on continuously until it was finished; so also one of my best completed pieces of artwork, as I often tend to start pieces of art and not finish them in fear of ruining what I have already done. It’s not a trait I am proud of but I’m working on it. So this is a very important piece of artwork in terms of my development as an artist.



This next piece are drawings I had made for my Graphic Design course last year. I chose to create products that relate to gardening products, such as a planting calendar and seed packets. This was me drawing different aspects of gardening, so I have drawn some tools often used in the garden. I drew these using a regular HB pencil and a garden scene for reference. As I was just ‘test-drawing’ different tools there was no set composition to this when I first started out but I think as I look at the finished version I have strategically placed the different tools to make it all line up neatly and it looks like it was a thought out process of where the tools would be positioned. I think your eyes can be lead around this piece quite easily due to the composition in it, starting at any of the tools – most probably the ones on the far left or right sides, and either taking the anticlockwise or clockwise route.



This is another piece I did for my Graphic Design course, still following the gardening theme I used to draw the images above this one. This is another gardening poster which I created to advertise the different foods you can grow using seeds from Homebase. To complete this image I used watercolour paints and then outlined the final outcome using a Fine Liner pen, this allowed me to add any more final details that I wanted to which I couldn’t achieve using the watercolours. One improvement I should have made to this image to make it appear more professional looking would have been to use just the paintings of the vegetables and scan them into the computer and use Photoshop to enhance the colours and use the real Homebase logo along the bottom rather than the one I have drawn on. I think the composition in this artwork is followable



This is a sketch drawing I did not too long ago. I drew this using regular pencils and if I were to improve this in any way it would be to take it into Photoshop and draw it on the computer and possibly add colour to it, to take it to the same level as the other pieces of artwork displayed here.


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