Street Drawing

Last week I sat opposite a roundabout and drew what I saw. This involved drawing quite quickly and paying attention to what was happening in front of me rather than what I was putting down on the paper.

This is my outcome. I used black and coloured felt-tip pens and charcoal.



Before I had added the colour and harsher lines to the work, I think it looked better as a piece of artwork that it does as the final result I have shown here. The details I added in afterwards change the way it appeared before because I put in larges black spaces and I did not add as fine detail as I would have liked to. The big spaces of colour allow the eye to settle in different places rather than it being a means to guide the eyes around the page.

Going on to focal points; the eye rests on the larger gaps such as the black cab, the black window, the cyclist and the branches of the trees, or on the finer detail points such as the lines going to the centre of the wheels of the bicycle, the criss-cross fence in the back and the sign posts. If I were to draw lines on the page of where the eyes move around when looking at the artwork I think it would look something like:

Drawing Diagram


One thing I like about the blocks of colour that I have added is the thin line gap between the dark black cab and the harsh outline of the car next to it; it makes the black cab look more like an odd shape than a car. I should have left the way the cars had been drawn and made just the man on the bicycle a lot more detailed and jump off the page more as the taxi on the other side, with what I’ve done, is darker and comes out more than the man on the bike. However at the moment the taxi on one side and the bicycle man on the other create a balance to the piece as there is darkness on both sides and a lightness in the middle and around it. I do feel as though the left side is darker because of the tree and the window of the other car that is closer to the left side than the right side.

The colour I have added to the trees brings the whole thing too similar to me trying to make the art look as realistic as possible. If I could change the way I have added the colour with a felt pen, I would use a range of paints and splatter them around the trees; rather than trying to be neat about it and adding too much, therefore making it look fairly realistic.

Overall I think that this piece of artwork is good considering it was one of the first pieces that I had done without looking and as fast as possible, however there are several ways in which I could improve this piece, whether it be the inclusion of finer detail or taking away some of the larger spaces of solid colour.


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